Overview of our research

Our goal is to understand how molecular interactions and forces across several length scales affect function in biology. We are particularly interested in articulated joints and epithelial tissues to better understand molecular and cellular regulation in healthy biointerfaces and help identify the causes of diseases, such as osteoarthritis, lung cancer, or atherosclerosis. The current specific research topics are:


we still have a limited understanding of most aspects of the tribology of our synovial joints. We are pushing the understanding of tribology of natural and implanted synovial joints, especially the intermolecular interactions of synovial fluid components and interactions with surfaces.


To gain a better understanding of how nature controls adhesion, we are investigating the adhesion mechanisms of biological, biologically inspired, and synthetic molecules, especially those relevant for biomedical applications.


We aim at understanding how physical forces and molecular interactions work together to regulate endothelial and epithelial function under different environmental conditions. For that end, we apply a set of tools to measure and perturb the main physical properties, which regulate how cells behave.
We use force spectroscopy and optical microscopy techniques combined with creativity to perform research in our lab.
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