08-16-2021 Welcome to the team, Cory-James! Cory-James is joining us from the Quantitative Systems Biology Graudate group. I look forward to working with you to understand how aerosols affect lung epithelum mechancis.

07-30-2021 Congratulations for finishing your summer research programs. It was great to see how much you achived in only two months.

06-12-2021 The group gathered for the first time in over a year. We spend the day at different locations in NE Yosemite and the Valley. It was great to experinece this space together.

06-01-2021 Welcome on board, Tiffany, Ben, and Justin. I look forward to seeing what we will acomplish this summer!

05-15-2021 Amar graduated from the undergradaute Bioengineering program today, with impressive accomplishments! Amar will continue his journey at UC Davis. We wish you all the best and congratulations, Amar!

04-30-2021 Congratulations to Syndee Villa MECHANO3B[i]LOGY alumni who will start at Applied Materials as a Materials Analyst!

04-28-2021 Amar, presented his work on synovial fluid film formation and wear protection of model surfaces at the 5th International Conference on BioTribology.

02-16-2021 Amar, firts MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab member to present at a scientific meeting, discusses his work on synovial fluid film formation on model surfaces at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society BPS!

01-16-2021 Colleague and collaborator Prof. Arvind Gopinath recieved the NSF CAREER award. Congratulations!

01-15-2021 Thank you, Felipe! It has been a joy working with. We wish you the best for your next endeavors!

30-11-2020 Roberto on RadioBio! Listen to the podcast “Molecular Machines and Mechanisms

10-15-2020 Congratulations to Ariell, who became a CREST-CCBM scholar!

10-05-2020 Congratulations, Amar! Amar was awarded with a CCBM-CREST Fellowship for the 2020-2021 year!

09-03-2020 We wish Nicole all the best for her next stage in life. Thank you for helping to nucleate the MECHANOB[i]OLOGY lab and for all the work.

08-31-2020 Welcome Ariell, to the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab. Ariell is being co-advised with Prof. Arvind Gopinath and will be working on revealing durotaxis mechanisms.

08-15-2020 Listen to Roberto’s conversation with Dr. Wally Paxton, Dr. DJ Seo, and Dr. Doug Tree, hosts from the podcast How Science Happens.

08-03-2020 Virtual group dinner! Thank you, once again, to Nawshin, Nicole, Joyce, Syndee, Saigeetha, Felipe, and Amar for staying focused and motivated despite the working challenges.

06-18-2020 Collabroation with Prof. Netzahualcóyotl Arroyo-Currás and Prof. Philip Lukeman published at NANOSCALE. Find out how an electrochemical biosensor exploiting binding-induced changes in electron transfer of electrode-attached DNA origami can be used to detect hundred nanometer-scale targets here.

05-29-2020 Welcome Syndee and Saigeetha to the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab!

05-08-2020 Work with BoRi Seo and the Fischbach Group published at PNAS. Find out how collagen microarchitecture mechanically controls myofibroblast differentiationto here.

04-29-2020 Congratulations to Nicole Garza for her UROC Summer fellowship!

03-04-2020 First poster presentation of the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab at the Research Week 2020 UC Merced.

01-29-2020 Roberto is invited to the Northern California Biomaterials day. Event canceled due to COVID 19.

01-29-2020 Nawshin Slutana Jenifar joins the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab. Welcome!

01-07-2020 Watch the Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering graduate video!

12-20-2019 It was a very productive and interesting first semester at UC Merced! Thank you all: to these researchers for joining the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab!

09-27-2019 Nicole Garza has been accepted to the AY 2019-20 CREST Scholars Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program!

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