05-15-2023 Congratulations to our graduates! Dion, Bianca, and Emily: it has been a joy working with you all and we wish you success in your next endeavours.

04-26-2023 Thank you NSF CAREER and UC Merced Materials Science and Engineering Department! With your support we will start research to elucidate the role of fibronectin in mediating synovial join tribology! Interested? Read more here.

04-19-2023 Ariell is on a roll! Summer CCBM fellowship. Congratulations!

03-08-2023 Nice to see Ariell, Bianca, and Tajin presenting their research at the UC Merced Research Week.

11-18-2022 We had a great AIChE 2022 meeting. I look forward to the 2023 in Orlando!

09-21-2022 Our UCOP-TRDRP grant has been extended for one additional year, with additional funds!

09-16-2022 Way to go, Ariell, for passing your Qualifying Exam. Ariell is the first student from the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab to do so!

08-10-2022 Great news, Stephanie Woo (PI), Dave Stachura (co-PI) and I (co-PI) will be working on investigating the role of membrane blebbing forces in endoderm development. Congrats, Stephanie, for this NIH R21 from NICHD.

06-08-2022 Wow, the group members are in a roll. Dominque received an NIH U-RISE fellowship! Congratulations, Dominique!

05-31-2022 Congratulations Tajin, for being selected to participate in the Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar series (DYSS), which is going to be held at the University of Washington in Seatle!

05-27-2022 Congratulations Ariell, for receiving a CCBM fellowship for Fall 2022!

05-18-2022 Bittersweet moment to see all undergraduate researchers graduate and transition to their stages. Congratulations to Isha, Sai, Kate, Joyce, and Muhammad! We wish you success!

04-19-2022 It’s great to see how undergraduate researchers are finishing the year, presenting their contributions at the CCBM and MACES Symposium. Special congratulations to Joyce Saltzherr and Yekaterina (Kate) Zhezherya, who were selected among the top presenters!

04-11-2022 Welcome to the team, Dominique and Dion!

01-17-2022 Jeff and Kai from SurForce delivered the new EC-SFA! With it, we are investigating adhesion, friction, and nanoconfinement phenomena

12-03-2021 Finally, an in person lab dinner!

11-17-2021 Justin has been selected as a School of Engineering Outstanding Student from the graduating undergraduate class of fall 2021. Keep the good work and congratulations, Justin!

10-08-2021 Congratulations to Muhammad, Joyce, Tiffany, and Kate for being accepted as CCBM-CREST, UROC, and MACES fellows!

10-04-2021 Welcome, Tajin! Tajin recently obtained her Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UIUC. Congratulations! Tajin is bringing expertise in surface science, force spectroscopy, and molecular cell biology.

09-30-2021 Welcome, Kate! Kate will be working on synovial fluid film formation and mechanics to continue understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the extremly efficient synovial joints. Kate will be teaming with Saigeetha.

08-16-2021 Welcome to the team, Cory-James! Cory-James is joining us from the Quantitative Systems Biology Graudate group. I look forward to working with you to understand how aerosols affect lung epithelum mechancis.

07-30-2021 Congratulations for finishing your summer research programs. It was great to see how much you achived in only two months.

06-12-2021 The group gathered for the first time in over a year. We spend the day at different locations in NE Yosemite and the Valley. It was great to experinece this space together.

06-01-2021 Welcome on board, Tiffany, Ben, and Justin. I look forward to seeing what we will acomplish this summer!

05-15-2021 Amar graduated from the undergradaute Bioengineering program today, with impressive accomplishments! Amar will continue his journey at UC Davis. We wish you all the best and congratulations, Amar!

04-30-2021 Congratulations to Syndee Villa MECHANO3B[i]LOGY alumni who will start at Applied Materials as a Materials Analyst!

04-28-2021 Amar, presented his work on synovial fluid film formation and wear protection of model surfaces at the 5th International Conference on BioTribology.

02-16-2021 Amar, firts MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab member to present at a scientific meeting, discusses his work on synovial fluid film formation on model surfaces at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society BPS!

01-16-2021 Colleague and collaborator Prof. Arvind Gopinath recieved the NSF CAREER award. Congratulations!

01-15-2021 Thank you, Felipe! It has been a joy working with. We wish you the best for your next endeavors!

30-11-2020 Roberto on RadioBio! Listen to the podcast “Molecular Machines and Mechanisms“.

10-15-2020 Congratulations to Ariell, who became a CREST-CCBM scholar!

10-05-2020 Congratulations, Amar! Amar was awarded with a CCBM-CREST Fellowship for the 2020-2021 year!

09-03-2020 We wish Nicole all the best for her next stage in life. Thank you for helping to nucleate the MECHANOB[i]OLOGY lab and for all the work.

08-31-2020 Welcome Ariell, to the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab. Ariell is being co-advised with Prof. Arvind Gopinath and will be working on revealing durotaxis mechanisms.

08-15-2020 Listen to Roberto’s conversation with Dr. Wally Paxton, Dr. DJ Seo, and Dr. Doug Tree, hosts from the podcast How Science Happens.

08-03-2020 Virtual group dinner! Thank you, once again, to Nawshin, Nicole, Joyce, Syndee, Saigeetha, Felipe, and Amar for staying focused and motivated despite the working challenges.

06-18-2020 Collabroation with Prof. Netzahualcóyotl Arroyo-Currás and Prof. Philip Lukeman published at NANOSCALE. Find out how an electrochemical biosensor exploiting binding-induced changes in electron transfer of electrode-attached DNA origami can be used to detect hundred nanometer-scale targets here.

05-29-2020 Welcome Syndee and Saigeetha to the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab!

05-08-2020 Work with BoRi Seo and the Fischbach Group published at PNAS. Find out how collagen microarchitecture mechanically controls myofibroblast differentiationto here.

04-29-2020 Congratulations to Nicole Garza for her UROC Summer fellowship!

03-04-2020 First poster presentation of the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab at the Research Week 2020 UC Merced.

01-29-2020 Roberto is invited to the Northern California Biomaterials day. Event canceled due to COVID 19.

01-29-2020 Nawshin Slutana Jenifar joins the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab. Welcome!

01-07-2020 Watch the Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering graduate video!

12-20-2019 It was a very productive and interesting first semester at UC Merced! Thank you all: to these researchers for joining the MECHANO3B[i]OLOGY Lab!

09-27-2019 Nicole Garza has been accepted to the AY 2019-20 CREST Scholars Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program!

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