A Collaborative & Diverse Group
We are a group conducting interdisciplinary research that values curiosity, collaboration, hard work, and a healthy amount of fun. Our group welcomes researchers at any level that share our enthusiasm for science.
Roberto Andresen Eguiluz
Principal Investigator
Amar Mann
B.S. Student, Bioengineering
Saigeetha Bhaskar
B.S. Student, Bioengineering
Nawshin Sultana Jenifar
Ph.D. Student, MBSE
Ariell Smith
Ph.D. Student, MBSE
Felipe Ramirez
B.S. Student, Bioengineering
Joyce Saltzherr
B.S. Student, Bioengineering

We are currently looking for motivated, hard-working researchers. Previous experience in the topics listed is not required.


Nicole Garza
B.S. Student, Biological Sciences (Fall 2019-Fall 2020)

Syndee Villa
B.S. Student, Materials Science and Engineering (Summer 2020)

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