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Expect the unexpected in research. Each project in the MECHANO3B[I]OLOGY LAb comes with both unforeseeable challenges and opportunities.


Facile determination of the Poisson’s ratio and Young’s modulus of polyacrylamide gels and polydimethylsiloxane, Smith AM*, Inocencio DG*, Pardi BM, Gopinath A, Andresen Eguiluz RC, bioRxiv, (2023). * Equal contribution. [pdf]

Natural and engineered isoforms of the inflammasome adaptor ASC form non-covalent, pH-responsive hydrogels, Gaspar-Morales EA, Waterson A, Diaz-Parga P, Smith AM, Sadqi M, Gopinath A, Andresen Eguiluz RC, de Alba E, bioRxiv, (2023). [pdf]


Glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins influence the elastic response of synovial fluid nanofilms on model oxide surfaces, Mann AS, Smith AM, Saltzherr JO, Gopinath A, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 213: 112407 (2022). [pdf]


Crude Oil/Brine/Rock Interactions during SmartWater Flooding in Carbonates: Novel Surface Forces Apparatus Measurements at Reservoir Conditions, Kristiansen K, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Chen S-Y, Ayirala SC, Alotaibi MB, Yousef AA, Moskovits M, Boles JR, Israelachvili, JN, Society of Petroleum Engineers, (2020). [pdf]

An electrochemical biosensor exploiting binding-induced changes in electron transfer of electrode-attached DNA origami to detect hundred nanometer-scale targets, Arroyo-Curras N, Sadeia M, Ng AK, Fyodorova Y, Williams N, Afif T, Huang C-M, Ogden N, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Su H-J, Castro CE, Plaxco KW, Luckeman PS, Nanoscale, 12: 13907-13911 (2020). [pdf]

Collagen microarchitecture mechanically controls myofibroblast differentiation, Seo BR, Chen X, Song YH, Ling L, Choi S, Gonzalez J, Sapudom J, Wang K, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Gourdon D, Shenoy V, Fischbach C, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (21): 11387-11398 (2020). [pdf]


Impact of molecular architecture and adsorption density on adhesion of mussel-inspired surface primers with cathecol-cation synergy, Degen GD, Stow PR, Lewis RB, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Valois E, Kristiansen K, Butler A, Israelachvili JN, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(47): 18673-18681 (2019). [pdf]

Surface morphology influences the contact mechanics of glassy polystyrene films, Degen GD, Cristiani TR, Cadirov NA, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Kristiansen K, Pitenis AA, Israelachvili JN, Langmuir, 35(48): 15674-15680 (2019). [pdf]

Automated measurement of spatially resolved hair-hair single fiber adhesion, Cristiani TR, Cadirov NA, Zhang Z, Shi Z, Bureiko A, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Kristiansen K, Scott J, Meinert K, Koenig PH, Israelachvili JN, Langmuir, 35(48): 15614-15627 (2019). [pdf]


Time-dependent physicochemical changes of carbonate surfaces from SmartWater (diluted seawater) flooding processes for improved oil recovery, Chen SY, Kristiansen K, Seo D, Cadirov NA, Dobss HA, Kaufman Y, Schrader AM, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Alotaibi MB, Ayiral SC, Boles JR, Yousef AA, Israelachvili JN, Langmuir, 35(1): 41-50 (2018). [pdf]

New atomic to molecular scale insights into SmartWater flooding mechanisms in carbonates, Chen SY, Kaufman Y, Kristiansen K, Dobss HA, Cadirov NA, Seo D, Schrader AM, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Alotaibi MB, Ayiral SC, Boles JR, Yousef AA, Israelachvili JN, Society of Petroleum Engineers, [pdf]


Tunable lubricin-mimetics for boundary lubrication of cartilage, Samaroo KJ, Tan M, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Gourdon D, Putnam D, Bonassar LJ, BioTribology, 9: 18-23 (2017). [pdf]

Synergistic interactions of a synthetic lubricin mimetic with fibronectin for enhanced wear protection, Andresen Eguiluz RC*, Cook SG*, Tan M, Brown CN, Pacifici NJ, Bonassar LJ, Putnam D, Gourdon D, Frontiers in Bioengineering Biotechnology 5: 1-13 (2017). * Equal contribution. [pdf]

Substrate stiffness and VE-cadherin mechano-transduction coordinate to regulate endothelial monolayer integrity, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Kaylan, KB, Underhill, G, Leckband, DE, Biomaterials 140: 45-57 (2017). [pdf]


Fibronectin mediates enhanced wear protection of lubricin during shear, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Cook S, Brown CN, Pacifici NJ, Bonassar LJ, Gourdon D, Biomacromolecules 16(9): 2884-2894 (2015). [pdf]

Obesity-dependent changes of interstitial ECM mechanics and their role in breast tumorigenesis, Seo BR, Bhardwaj P, Choi S, Gonzalez J, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Wang K, Mohanan S, Morris PG, Du B, Zhou XK, Vahdat LT, Verma A, Elemento O, Hudis CA, Williams RM, Gourdon D, Dannenberg AJ, Fischbach C,  Science Translational Medicine 7: 301ral130 (2015). [pdf]

Stiffening and unfolding of fibronectin increase proangiogenic factor secretion by breast cancer-associated stromal cells, Wang KC*, Andresen Eguiluz RC*, Wu F, Seo BR, Fischbach C, Gourdon D, Biomaterials 54: 63-71 (2015). *Equal contribution. [pdf]


Implanted adipose progenitor cells as physicochemical regulators of breast cancer, Chandler EM, Seo BR, Califano JP, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Lee JS, Yoon CJ, Tims DT, Wang JX, Cheng L, Mohanan S, Buckley MR, Cohen I, Nikitin AY, Gourdon D, Reinhart-King CA, Fischbach C, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(25): 9786-91 (2012). [pdf]


Lubrication and adhesion by charged biopolymers for biomedical applications, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Schur R, Gourdon D, Book edited by: Magdy Elnashar, ISBN: 978-953-307-109-1, Publisher: Sciyo, Publishing date: September 2010. [pdf]


Formación de una capa tribológica en la aleación SAE-783 (in Spanish) , Andresen Eguiluz RC, Bravo Bénard A, Ramírez Toledo MA, Durán Cortés H, Ortiz Prado A, Schouwenaars R, Ingeniería Mecánica Tecnología y Desarrollo 3(3): 85-90 (2009). [pdf]


Force-induced unfolding of fibronectin in the extracellular matrix of living cells, Smith ML, Gourdon D, Little WC, Kubow KE, Andresen Eguiluz RC, Luna-Morris S, Vogel V, Public Library of Science Biology 5(10): e268 (2007). [pdf]

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